Merges with EternalPage

Effective immediately,, a platform established in 2021 and dedicated to showcasing Bitcoin use cases, has been officially merged into EternalPage. The merger comes as the owners of have decided to cease operations of the standalone site.


Established in 2021, aimed to educate and inform the public about the various applications and use cases of Bitcoin in the modern world. The platform provided resources, articles, and insights into how Bitcoin could be leveraged for different purposes.

About EternalPage

EternalPage is a service offering digital memorializing services on the blockchain. It continues to provide up-to-date information, education, and resources related to its specialized focus: obituaries, eulogies, death notices, and other types of digital memorials.

The Merger

The merger aims to consolidate the rich content of into EternalPage, providing a unified and more comprehensive resource for those interested in both Bitcoin and blockchain-based memorializing services. All the resources from will now be accessible through the EternalPage platform.

Moving Forward

EternalPage will continue to lead by example, showcasing not just the potential of Bitcoin but also the importance of blockchain in creating lasting digital memorials. Existing and new readers can expect an even more robust collection of resources, articles, and insights moving forward.