Document A Legacy Future Historians Can Look Back At

Newspapers disappear. Corporations go bankrupt.

We use blockchain technology—the same technology that powers Bitcoin—to ensure that your obituary never gets deleted. Not even 100 years from now, not even if our company ceases to exist.

Carve your loved one’s legacy into the stone of humanity.

Lives deserve to be documented. With the digitization of all text worldwide, it’s time for your loved one’s obituary, eulogy or memorial to persist in the library of humanity.
Local newspapers go out of business in the digital age, and online directories may not persist for a meaningful amount of time.
We solve this 21st century problem with 21st century technology. EternalPage uses various blockchain technologies to ensure the permanence of your digital memorial page long after our own lives.

Our Approach

We sought out to build a business around helping people in a sensitive time of need, to preserve their loved one’s memories.
We honor memories by seamlessly integrating obituaries, eulogies, and other memorials onto public blockchains.
Public blockchains are designed to last as long as humanity lasts—longer than you or I.

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